Christmas Town Church

Christmas Town Church

Town Church

Christmas Town Church

Your Christmas village is just not complete without a church. This particular diy cardboard village church is really easy to make especially because half the glitter is already done for you on the cardstock it’s made from.

I’d just made a little Christmas town house and was on my way to creating another house design, but decided I really wanted a little church first. There’s so much symbolic reason for it – afterall, Christ is the reason for the season.


Front View

The way this church came together was really neat. The corrugated paper gives a beautiful texture to this Christmas town church. And once the glittered stained glass windows were put in, it really captured the spirit of an important building – a holy one.

The addition of a paper-made glittered bell dangling in the tower also adds to the magic.


Town Church at Night

Once the lights came on at night, the building just peacefully glowed, looking like a beacon. I used a small bulb, but inserting Christmas string lights will put off less light intensity and give it a more subtle glow.

I love adding glitter to these Christmas town projects! They all glisten and sparkle, even without an internal light because it’s covered in glitter from top to bottom.

christmas town


At no more than 4 inches wide, this miniature-scale Christmas town church will sit perfectly with the rest of the buildings but still hold a majestic presence.

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Christmas Town Church

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